Are you wearing too many hats?

You’re probably thinking ‘Babs, what on earth are you on about?!’

Hear me out…

When you have your own small business, or you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer – whatever, you sometimes feel like you need to be ‘wearing all of the hats’ yourself

What I mean by this is your business is your ‘baby’. You’ve put so much hard work, resource and money into it, and it can be a real struggle to delegate, outsource and pass off tasks to others

And when you start out you can of course be more strapped for cash, making it even more difficult – hence being the human hatstand

But this is where mistakes happen that could lead to bigger consequences, especially trying to cover areas where a professional should be involved (like legal or accountancy!)

Plus you don’t want to hit a major wall with burnout doing it all on your own

Delegation and outsourcing is a part of running a business, don’t be afraid to let others help!

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