Back to basics – copyright vs trademark

We bang on about brand protection literally all the time
But what’s the point in going on about this if you don’t understand the two main aspects? So let me explain
Copyright protection ©
In the UK, this exists as soon as you create something, like videos or software coding, in the US there is a register
You likely have copyrightable works in your business already, but there is a catch. You need to tell the world about it to make sure you’re fully protected
This comes down to putting disclaimers in your contracts/website, and making sure you have the right wording to protect you. You don’t want to sign your IP over to someone else accidentally right?
Consider having NDAs to protect your copyright if needed too!
Trademarks ™️
Exists to protect your branding, like your business name or logo. You do need to register this, and in certain places too – like the UK or US
The TM process takes a few months, so you’ll want to start ASAP. If you don’t register your trademark, you leave yourself open to tremendous risk!
Imagine having to rebrand your WHOLE business because someone else registered your name?😬
Trademarking has a bunch of benefits – ownership of your marks, protection from copycats, recourse if someone does copy you, allows you to build up your reputation, brand recognition AND it saves you money in the long run. What more could you want?
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