Just Bought A Domain For My Startup

Be honest, how many of you relate to this?

This is a question I get quite a lot, “does purchasing my domain name mean my brand is protected?”
I think a lot of people assume this😲
I’m here to burst your bubble…unfortunately the answer is no, it doesn’t👎🏻
It’s a very common misconception, which can actually be really damaging for your business
Imagine purchasing your domain name, assuming that means your business is protected, then going about business as usual…putting loads of time, effort and money into it, allowing it to scale and grow🌱
Then you’re hit with a truth💣…because a someone has began using your name and you can’t do anything about it
Or someone else has trademarked your name
Or a competitor is trading under the exact same name (and again, you can’t do anything about it)
It would be pretty devastating😕
That’s literally what we’re here for…to ensure your brand really is protected from a legal perspective, because you never want any of the above scenarios to become a reality🤷🏼‍♀️
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