Brexit and employment rights. What do you need to know?

Brexit and your employment rights. What do you need to know?
Here’s one that hasn’t been spoken about much – employment rights and Brexit!
Among the imports/exports/VAT dramas, there hasn’t been much chat around this. Here’s what I think you need to know
The deal agreed upon on xmas eve provided that the UK and the EU must not weaken/reduce employment rights in place…
What does this cover? Well it extends to things like rights at work, health and safety standards, fair working conditions, employment standards etc.
The deal has said on both ends that they’ll continue to increase respective labour and social levels of protection, great news
This means the UK is pretty restricted in making major employment law changes
BUT, there is a catch. The above provisions are only in place if affecting trade or investment…so minor changes that would affect trade in the same way COULD be made
What about existing EU-derived employment law, will it change? Nope. This will remain unaffected by the deal – these are things like TUPE and working time regulations
The all in all? No major changes at the moment
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