Can you trademark in the whole world?

Trademarking can, to be transparent, feel like a *bit* of a chore, especially when you want protection of your name, logo etc in multiple different countries
So, is there an easy option to just simply trademark all over the globe? A one-stop worldwide trademark?
Well, not quite. But there is the Madrid Protocol!
So you go through the Madrid Protocol when you’re looking to register in multiple countries. Not all countries in the world are signed up to this – but you’ll find most are!
The World Intellectual Property Office will then deal with the ‘form’, which will be sent to to the countries you’ve decided to register in
The catch is that you still have to go through the process of registration in each country, and ‘whole world’ isn’t an option unfortunately
It’s also super important to only protect yourself in businesses where you have w presence/where you’re likely to expand, otherwise your mark could be challenged for non-usage!
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