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IR35 – The New Law Change

We’ve been back and forth, and upside down, with all the changes relating to IR35 in recent years. IR35 is the off-payroll working rules, and applies to self-employed contractors providing services through a limited company. The rules are in place to ensure that contractors pay the correct amount of tax (and aren’t merely ‘disguised employees’). …

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Be Aware of Legal Vulnerabilities

One of the most important aspects to think about from a legal point of view is the vulnerabilities that could be hiding in the tiny cracks of your business. Here are some actionable steps to carry out to make sure that your business is fully protected.   Brand Protection Brand protection is paramount for a …

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Protect Your Copyright Before It’s Too Late

We hear a lot about intellectual property (IP) protection while starting and growing a business. Lots of people say they “need to protect their IP”, but not so many are clear about how and why. We talk a lot about trademarks, protecting your branding – your name, your logo, maybe a slogan. But there is …

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Beyoncé WINS Trademark Opposition

At Jamieson Law, we’re *kind of* obsessed with celebrity trademark battles and dramas. We know, it’s a bit sad, it’s the trademark geek inside of us all coming out! Let’s chat about an interesting one involving a celebrity icon. So Beyoncé of course had her daughter ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ back in 2012. As we know, …

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The Importance Of Trademarks

As you may notice, we talk A LOT about trademarks, and with good reason! They are critical to a smooth-running, hassle-free business. In a nutshell, trademarking is the legal protection of your branding, like your company name, logo, product name, slogan etc – basically everything that makes your business yours and sets you apart from …

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