Did you think about these 5 key things before choosing your business name?

Choosing your business name is super exciting🤩

There are certain things you should think about before choosing your name…

If you haven’t done some of these, don’t worry,  it just means it’s maybe something you should think about now💭

👏🏻 Registering at companies house doesn’t give you any protection – this is a Q I get a lot. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop anyone from trading off your name

👏🏻 Owning your domain name doesn’t either – same as above☝🏻buying your domain name doesn’t stop someone from using your name, pretending to be you etc.

👏🏻 Is there a similar name to you in your territory/country, perhaps in the same industry? – it doesn’t even need to be in the same industry or the exact same name, this can still be enough to cause confusion😬

👏🏻 Is your business name being used internationally for a similar product/service? – think about it, chances are one of you might go global, meaning there could be an overlap in branding

👏🏻 Can your name be trademarked? – you want to be able to protect your brand name for however long you’ll be doing business, but there are certain words that just can’t be trademarked. This doesn’t mean don’t use it, it just means you’re running more risk. So be careful!

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