Don’t be like Dave

Picture the scene. Dave’s business was thriving. He set up a brilliant brand, with a pretty cool name.

The business was growing fast…things were going super well. Until…

Barry, his competitor, came along. Barry realised how well Dave was doing, he was a bit jealous to be honest

Barry checked to see if Dave had trademarked his business name…he hadn’t, UH OH

Dave thought buying his domain name and registering at Companies House was enough to protect him, he was wrong.

Barry decided to copy Dave’s business name and branding – resulting in stolen clients

Dave was forced to rebrand after all of his hard work…along came reputational damage, a big hit to the bank and loss of customers. Not good.

Sound unrealistic? Unfortunately, it happens all the time. As morally incorrect as it is, in the eyes of the law there really isn’t much that can be done in Dave’s situation

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