Employers and healthy and safety at work obligations – mental health and working from home

A bit of a different post today. At the start of lockdown, loadsss of people were talking about this…but I feel like the chat has died down a bit
So this is a perfect opportunity to act as a bit of a reminder🙌🏻
As part of the ‘new normal’ (which I’m sure all of as are sick of hearing💤) so many of us are now working from🏠for the foreseeable
Now we all know that employer’s have an obligation to make sure staff are kept health and safe in their working environment…
How does this translate into working from home?🧐
Well, it’s be being interpreted a bit more widely because of Covid, people working from home and there being more emphasis on mental health
Now, there is no law saying employer’s have to consider their employees mental health…but, it is now being interpreted as part of ensuring health and safety, which is great👍🏻
Employers should continue focusing on having regular team catch-ups and virtual social, as well as checking in with employees 1-1 to ensure they’re coping with their working environment and having positive mental health!
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