Our mission is to shake things up in the world of legal. We know that lawyers regularly get a bad reputation due to high prices and being intimidating to small businesses. Our ethos is the complete opposite to this. We are passionate about making sure all businesses (especially small ones) have access to crystal clear legal advice with fixed and transparent fees

Absolutely! People are often shocked by this. A lawyer giving away their time for free? Unheard of. We offer free initial consultations, where we can chat through your legal needs. Head over to the contact section or email us on info@jamiesonlaw.legal and we would be delighted to chat to you.

We offer 15-minute free legal health checks, where you can bounce your legal queries off of one of our brilliant lawyers. There are a few ways you can go about this…

It is super easy. We offer a free initial consultation where we chat through your queries. If you decide you want to go ahead with the work, just let us know and we will get going. You will know how much the work will cost up front, and we never stray from that fixed fee unless you ask us to do different/extra work (and then we’ll always tell you in advance). Our work has a 3-business day turnaround, but if you need something urgently, let us know!

All costs are completely dependent on what it is you need. We do everything on a fixed fee basis. 

Our hourly fee ranges between £200-250 (although we really do not work this way, this is more as a guide for you).

Because our fees are fixed, your costs will never spiral, meaning you can keep control of your costs. 

As a base, we can advise on: 

  • Contracts you are issuing to someone or have been asked to sign.
  • Terms and conditions
  • GDPR compliance (including privacy policies)
  • Brand protection and trademarking
  • Preparing your business for sale or investment 

Head over to the services section of our website to find out more.

We can also help get your Covid policies and procedures in place, as well as assisting with returning to work documentation and changing your contracts to reflect remote working, so your business is protected. Get in touch today!

Most recently we have been offering Free Brexit advice calls, helping businesses navigate this confusing time. Feel free to hop on a free call here - https://calendly.com/jamiesonlaw/free-brexit-strategy-planning-session

You can also join our free Brexit support group over on Facebook, where you can take advantage of free trainings and ask questions about how Brexit impacts you and your business: Join Support Group Here

Yes, We’re regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. This doesn’t mean we can only advise Scottish clients - we work with clients across the UK on non-reserved legal matters (i.e. commercials matters; we don't deal with issues such as litigation or property law). We are qualified in English and Scots law. We can also advise on New York and California law.

Hop on one of our free legal health check calls where we can chat through your specific needs. We will quote you on the basis of upfront, fixed fees (no hidden charges). Just drop us an email outlining what it is you are looking for and we will get back to you – info@jamiesonlaw.legal

If you are given a cost for legal work, it will stay that way. The only way a price will change is if you have instructed us to do more work for you, or the nature of the instruction significantly changes.

Having your contracts reviewed by a third party is important; you want to make sure the information is correct and that it protects you and your business. Imagine signing a contract and realising at a later date that you gave away all your intellectual property, or you’re restricted from selling to a particular industry? Let us know if you would like to have a contract reviewed by one of our lawyers. Email us on info@jamiesonlaw.legal or book in on a free initial consultation.

We are happy to make any changes you need to the contracts we have drafted or reviewed. The fee is the fee unless the work significantly changes.

UK office: G2, 2 Milverton Grange, Glasgow G46 7AU
Ireland office: Cushenstown, Garristown, Meath A42 FY83

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