Legal scenario time

Let’s talk about a real-life scenario…
So this will relate only to digital products or services!
Your client wants to get out of a contract when there is still 4 weeks left and £500 of your programme to pay…
They’ve stated it’s their consumer rights to be able to cancel at any time because they’ve not had a ‘cooling-off’ period. Are they right?
So, EU and U.K. consumer law requires that consumers do have a 14-day minimum cooling off period to change their mind after purchasing
Now, this does apply in most situations. In most cases, it makes sense – you buy a jumper, you change your mind, you return it for a refund
When it comes to digital services, it doesn’t really work, because the purchaser has full access to your IP straight away essentially
So, to answer the scenario question, they are wrong. BUT…you do need to make it obvious in your clients T+Cs that consumer protection regarding cooling-off periods does NOT apply. It could cause issues if you don’t
Remember though, you still need to comply with your other consumer obligations, like ensuring your product is satisfactory, fit for purpose, as described etc – if not, they will be entitled to a refund!
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