Our charity fundraiser

Mention of Eating Disorders.
“Hi all, Hannah here. Solicitor at Jamieson Law👋
At Jamieson Law, we recognise that while we do our day job it’s also important to consider the wider issues in society.
At the heart of it, we care about people❤️
That’s why, over February, we will be walking, running or hiking 300 miles to raise awareness and money for a charity close to our hearts.
Our chosen charity is ‘BEAT’ – a charity for eating disorders.
Eating disorders are a serious mental illness, affecting people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.
The disorder takes over your life, making you incredibly ill. Eating disorders are usually developed as a way to cope with difficult situations or feelings.
Unfortunately, eating disorders are often misunderstood or not talked about – it’s a stigma. This only adds to the shame and isolation that the individual is facing day to day. That’s why its important to us that we get talking‼️
Eating disorders can be fatal, and they cause serious harm both physically and emotionally.
Unfortunately, I know how devastating they can be first hand. This is why I am so passionate about raising awareness, and of course money, to fund this amazing charity that helps to support and treat individuals with eating disorders.”
We hope you’ll join us in our journey to raising money and awareness for this charity.
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