The Expert Fitness Coaching Bundle

£800.00 excl. VAT

Are you in the health and fitness industry and running an online business? Perhaps you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness coach or weight loss coach (to pick a few from the bunch)? Then the Expert Fitness Coaching Bundle is the one you want to go for. Be confident that you’re doing what you love whilst being backed by the legal protection of contracts.


So, what exactly is included?

  • Client contracts with disclaimers
  • GDPR compliant privacy policy & Cookies policy
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Remember – you can add on a shareholder’s agreement or contractor agreement at a much lower price when you purchase this bundle

Why do you need these?

Remember – your contracts are the basis of your business; they help build your reputation and protect you in so many ways.

How do you use the Expert Fitness Coaching Bundle?

Once purchased, you’ll be able to immediately download all of the documents given with the bundle. You will then be able to customise these to fit your business. All documents are super easy to navigate and filling in the blanks is incredibly straightforward.

*Reminder that we also offer a contract bundle consultation, to level up your protection and guide you through the process*

Estimated completion time

We get it, you want to get on with the exciting stuff, rather than the boring legal documents …these contract templates save you so much time, we’ve even estimated how long it should take to complete your documents.

  • The client contract – 30 minutes
  • The website terms and conditions and privacy and cookies policies – 30 minutes
  • The contractor agreement (if you decide to add this on) – 30 minutes
  • The shareholders’ agreement (if you decide to add this on) – 1 hour

Disclaimer –

By purchasing one of our contract bundles, you are accepting and agreeing that these products are not specific to your business. They are not drafted to your individual requirements. We have not provided individual advice on these products unless you booked a 30-minute consultation with us (and then advice may be given during the call). When you purchase these products, these is no solicitor-client relationship created, and you do not benefit from any of the protections afforded in this regard. If you wish to create a solicitor-client relationship, then you must instruct specific work and Jamieson Law Ltd must agree to provide this work.

The documents are only suitable for use under the laws of England and Wales.

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