Should you conduct a trademark search before filing your application?

So you’re thinking of filing a trademark
You’ve done a quick search, it seems there isn’t a mark that’s the same as yours already out there
Yay! Are you ready to go? Not quite
Here’s why you NEED to conduct an extensive trademark search before filing your application
When it comes to trademarks, it isn’t just marks that are the same as yours that you need to worry about – you also need to consider marks that are similar (especially if they’re registered in the same classes)
You don’t want to go through the whole filing process, pay the government fees with the mindset that you’ll get awarded the protection you need then…
Your application is rejected – what a waste of time, money and resources right?
When you get an expert to conduct a super in-depth search, you:
a) have peace of mind that your application will likely be accepted
b) aren’t wasting your money on fees
c) aren’t going in blind👀
Get in touch if this sounds like something you need!
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