So your contracts are legally tight…but are they commercially suited for your business?

For those who have been in business for a while you will know that a good part of it all is communication and handling your business relationships, right?
For example – keeping your clients happy, negotiating with your suppliers, and seeing over operations in your team, all super important
Think about this from a contractual perspective. You’ve had a contract drafted for your clients, but it is so legally tight and full proof that you’re getting a lot of push back from your them…
You’re spending hours of your time negotiating and dealing with mark ups of the contract, essentially wasting precious energy that could be spent elsewhere… e.g. growing your business
Why is that? Because your contract isn’t commercially suited to you and your business! It doesn’t fit your business model, it doesn’t fit how you deal with clients in reality – so why is it in place?
We don’t want this for you, we want to see you running efficiently, with simple documents that suit you
That’s why we not only believe that your contracts should be legally sound, they should also be tailored and suited to your specific business
This will depend on a load of factors like your size, your current target market, resources etc.
We take time to understand your business, listen to your concerns and what’s important to you then translate this into your contract
We do more than dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you, we have your best business interest at heart, that’s what we’re passionate about. We love to see our clients succeed
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