So, you’ve received a letter from the ICO asking you to register with them…

– Why have you suddenly received one?
– Do you really need to do it?
– What is the annual fee?
– What are the exemptions?
So, the ICO regularly go through Companies House, to see companies that have been registered, and then send them a letter asking why you haven’t signed up for ‘ICO authorisation’
This is why you may have suddenly received one, despite being in business for however long
One of the easiest things you can breach with GDPR is if you don’t sign up with the ICO…
Every organisation or sole trader who processes personal data (so basically, nearly all businesses) need to pay this data protection fee to the ICO (unless exempt)
The annual fee depends on size/turnover. Generally speaking, for most organisations it’ll be £40 or £60, but it can range between £40-2,900. Some orgs will only pay £40, regardless of size/turnover
^These are charities and small occupational pension schemes
What about exemptions? Have a look here, however in most cases exemptions won’t apply
I’d always recommend taking the ICO self-assessment to be 100% sure
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