The battle of DIY v Bespoke contracts

Another lawyer telling you how to deal with your contracts, I see you rolling your eyes
There is a reason we’re always talking about this!
The difference between DIYing your contracts, or copying them from some random website on google and getting bespoke contracts written up is insane
What do you need to know?
  • Copied from a random website, or DIYed based on some research
  • It probably doesn’t actually protect you
  • It might be made to protect a completely different business
  • It likely won’t manage your specific risks
  • Low credibility
  • Might not be legally complaint
  • Not in line with your specific operations and processes – does it reflect your business properly?
  • Likely only covers the basics, leaving you with gaps
  • Full of confusing legalese


  • Bespoke and tailored for your business. Giving you and your clients peace of mind
  • Gives you airtight protection
  • Better for your reputation
  • Manages your specific risks
  • High credibility
  • 100% legally compliant
  • Reflects the tone of your business
  • Transparent and easy to understand, it isn’t off putting for potential clients
  • Manages your liability

The all in all? It’s likely a random contract you found online won’t protect you to a high level. Having contracts written up with your specific business in mind will make a huge difference

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