The Jamieson Law fundraiser – team 500 miles

The proclaimers once wisely said ‘and I would walk 500 miles’…


And we took that literally. Throughout the month of February, the team over hear at Jamieson Law have been taking part in a group fundraiser…


We’ve been on a mission to walk 500 miles throughout the month of February for our chosen charity ‘Beat’


Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity. They’re on a mission to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders


Almost 1.25 MILLION people in the UK suffer from these illnesses – many in secret


Beat offers a national helpline to encourage and empower people to get HELP fast. The sooner someone begins treatment, the greater their chances of recovery


Your donation will go towards this brilliant cause, to equip those struggling take the positive steps for recovery with high-quality treatment


Mental health is SO important. Your donation could make a huge difference to someone’s life

This charity is super close to our hearts


We’d love for you to like and share this post and support this great charity

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