The Power of LinkedIn

Taking a break from talking about the legal stuff today to chat about something we’ve been thinking a lot of recently…LinkedIn!

Now we all know just how powerful a tool LinkedIn is when it comes to networking, getting ourselves out there, meeting new, like-minded people and even getting the chance to be involved with a bunch of new and exciting opportunities. You might even be reading this on the platform right now (LinkedIn inception, right?).

But we feel like sometimes we need to reflect on how much LinkedIn has helped our businesses thrive and grow. This is exactly what I’ve been doing this week.

Transparency is a big thing of ours here at Jamieson Law, so in the matter of crystal clearness, let’s talk about LinkedIn networking. LinkedIn has been one of the most amazing, influential tools towards our firm’s growth. How did it start? Well in light of the pandemic, to give back to the small business / start-up community, we began offering completely free legal advice calls for businesses to soundboard their legal questions and queries off of a lawyer.

This quickly turned into a two-fold thing for us, we got to give back to businesses whilst also actually growing our business with new, innovative clients coming to work alongside Jamieson Law, giving our small firm a huge chance to build up solid, amazing, friendly relationships with them.

For example, let me talk about one of our brilliant clients ‘Rapid Fire Supplies’. Rapid Fire is a company that supplies a HUGE range of products, varying from fire safety supplies, PPE (particularly necessary in light of everyone’s favourite c word…Covid! And workwear. Safety is one of the main aspects of Rapid Fire as a business, and you can find them here, they’re great!

We met Managing Director of Rapid Fire Supplies Craig Eddy via LinkedIn way back when in May 2020. At the time (just as we do now) we were keeping active on LinkedIn, posting informational videos covering loads of different legal topics, writing blog posts, asking questions and just engaging with people, getting to know some LinkedIn-ers. Craig had been watching our videos for a while when he decided to pop us a quick message. He was keen to hop on one of our free legal advice calls at the time, to chat through a few contractual things for Rapid Fire.

And the rest is history!

Jamieson Law has now been working alongside Craig and the Rapid Fire supplies team for over a year now. We have built up a really great relationship with the team (which is what we’re all about), and we couldn’t be happier. Where did it all start?…


Moral of the story? Reflect back on your wins as a company, how far you’ve come, the relationships you’ve built and the tools that got you there, we’re feeling pretty grateful!

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