The unconfident CEO vs the unstoppable CEO

Now I’m not saying there are just two CEO ‘boxes’ that you can be in, of course there aren’t!
BUT, there is that difference between the CEO that is unconfident and insecure about their practices, and the CEO that is unstoppable and confident in every aspect
The ‘unconfident’ one…
  •  Takes the ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to legal issues disrupting their business
  •  DIYs or copied random legal docs not suited at all to their business
  • Is terrified to share their own unique, wonderful ideas because of the fear that someone will steal them
  • Isn’t confident with their offering
  • Doesn’t actually ‘own’ their brand
The ‘unstoppable’ one…
  •  Has custom, bespoke and robust contracts, specifically tailored to their unique business
  • Can confidently share their brilliant offering, programmes, ideas etc
  • Doesn’t ‘rent’ their brand, has full legal ownership
  • Has built up a strong intellectual property portfolio, which allows them to grow and scale

Which would you choose?

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