TikTok and copyright – how does it all work?

TikTok has taken the world by storm this year, with there being around 800 million users globally – how insane!
With the fast growing app comes a lot of confusion – especially regarding privacy and copyright. Today we’ll be chatting about the latter
TikTok has an abundance of different tunes…how is that allowed?
Well – unlike the likes of YouTube where people run into copyright issues all the time, TikTok have a license to use a plethora of music, old and new, which means all users are free to use them!
If someone uploads a video with the works of someone else that TikTok don’t have permission to use – the vid will get taken down👇🏻because it’s against their T+Cs
What happens when you make your own sound, do TikTok then own the copyright?
They don’t, BUT if you upload your own audio, TikTok and it’s users will have a licence to use it (it can also be used by 3rd parties)
Pretty interesting stuff! What other apps or social media sites are you curious about?
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