Trademarking chat – Bentley Motors vs Bentley Clothing

We talk a lot about trademarking over her. We thought it would be fun to mix it up with some pretty big trademark battles
Today we’re chatting about one from last last year
We all know Bentley Motors – the brand known for its luxury cars…well, they also sell branded clothing
The thing is, there is is a Manchester-based clothing company called Bentley 1962 (take a drink every time I say Bentley)…
This company sought an injunction against Bentley Motors, which would stop them from using the name Bentley on UK clothing
Tbh, Bentley Motors argument wasn’t very airtight, saying ‘they’ve been selling their clothing for over 30 years without being confused’
Bentley 1962 claimed they’d been established for much longer, and that their registered mark preceded Bentley Motors
So, who do we think won the battle?
In the end, the ruling was in favour of Bentley 1962 – Bentley Motors can now longer use its name in UK clothing ranges
It just goes to show, even a big brand like Bentley Motors can’t overturn the power of a trademark
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