‘We’re hiring!’…okay, so you have proper employment contracts in place?

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of ‘we’re hiring’, mostly on LinkedIn👩🏼‍💻
I LOVE this. It’s amazing to see, especially in these difficult times✨✨
But it makes me wonder…when it comes to taking on new employees, do you have robust employment contracts in place?🧐
Do you have decent contracts in place with your current employees?🤨
Employment contracts are important for BOTH employee and employer (which I’m sure you’ll know)
And it’s not just a case of copying and pasting a random contract from somewhere, that’s not going to protect either of you I’m afraid😧
You need to have bespoke contracts drafted for YOUR business. That way they’ll have the right clauses in place that you need to be fully protected🔐
These need to contain the likes of copyright protection, termination clauses, your duties, their duties and dispute resolution (to name a few)
You don’t want either of you to get into a sticky situation because your contracts aren’t up to scratch…
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