What does the Brexit deal delay mean for your businesses

So I’m sure you’ve all seen it plastered over the news by now. The EU is set to delay ratification of the Brexit trade deal.
At the moment, the deal is being translated for member states, which it seems won’t be completed until Feb 28th.
What does this actually mean for your businesses?
Well the truth is – we don’t really know at this stage.
The deal was only ever provisionally passed, so it hasn’t been ratified yet – it’s not actually signed between the UK and the EU.
Seems there’s a bit of internal politics going on – Will tariffs come in to play again? Another thing we don’t know yet – let’s hope not!
The silver lining? More time to prepare!
Obviously there are still a lot of things we aren’t super clear on, and this does seem like a bit of a ‘set back’ – but it gives you and your business more time to get super prepared…
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