Would you rather: legal edition

Round 1: Would you rather…
A) Invest in robust and effective contracts at the beginning (when you start your business, new project, launch something new etc.)
B) End up out of pocket because you didn’t have the legal backing of a brilliant contract?
Round 2: Would you rather…
A) Invest in the protection of your intellectual property, whether it be trademarking your business name, or having the right disclaimers in your contracts
B) End up out of pocket (again) because you weren’t fully protected and someone ended up literally stealing your whole entire brand (ouch)
Have we found the common denominator here with answer ‘B’? Each time you choose it, you end up out of pocket
No one wants that, am I right folks?
The takeaway from this one is, if you really believe in your business (which you should!) and you want it to grow, thrive and scale, you need to make these ‘investments’ so you can do in the safest way poss
And it doesn’t need to cost the earth
There isn’t a ‘right’ answer as such, but it is a choice between saving and spending money in the long run!
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