Crystal Clear Legal
Challenge 2022

Start the year as you mean to go on, so you can grow, scale, thrive and flourish and reach new heights SAFELY! 

Achieving all of your big year dreams and aspirations literally isn’t possible without covering yourself legally…


Are you a business owner who has had the legal stuff on your to-do list for weeks, months or maybe even YEARS?! You’ve been meaning to sort it for a while not, but you just can’t do it


Does the thought of dealing with the legal side of things within your business send shivers down your spine?


Have you spent hours trying to find the answer to your legal worries, questions and queries to no avail?


Do you have the fear when it comes to lawyers – they really aren’t your vibe and it all just seems really stressful and full of jargon to you?

Then you’re in the right place. Let’s FINALLY get those all-important legals in place in a fun, intimidation free and crystal-clear way!

The Challenge

If you’re running a small business, whether that be selling beautiful designs, coaching to your hearts content or building the next big software app for us all to be obsessed with, this 3-day legal challenge is for you.

The legal stuff comes in to play for EVERY single type of business out there…

In this totally free group training you’ll discover how easy it really is to get your legals in order. No need for the panicking and putting it off – peace of mind all the way, with a solicitor by your side for the facts and accountability.

The challenge is hosted by me, Babs Jamieson – solicitor and founder of Jamieson Law, small (but mighty) law firm specialising in business law and brand protection. I’m incredibly passionate about helping go-getting business owners protect their businesses legally with crystal clear advice. All of that time, energy, money and soul you’ve put into establishing your business…it all has to be worth your while!

babs jamieson law 3 day challenge

What You'll Learn

We start on the 7th of February 

If you want to flourish and grow in 2022, get those legal bases covered first.

Day 1

Nailing your client contract 

Your client contract (or client terms and conditions) is your bread and butter. It’s the most important legal document you’ll probably ever use…it’s going to protect you, your intellectual property, it’s going to make sure that you get paid, it’s going to cover you if you’re ever sued…

Because at the end of the day, we’re all passionate about our businesses…but if the cash isn’t coming in, we can’t make the impact we’ve set out to! Your client contract gives you the security you need to do what you do best.

Day 2

Making sure your website is 100% legal and legit

A major pitfall for many businesses is the fact that their websites aren’t legally compliant. Your website should be a business asset, not a liability!

You’ve probably heard privacy policy, cookies policy and website terms being thrown about, but what are they and what do you need to cover?

You’ll leave this session with a clear baseline of things you need to cover to keep your site legal and professional.

Day 3

Brand protection 

Whether you’re just at the beginning of your business journey, or you’ve already begun building yourself an incredible brand – you’ll want to protect all of your hard work.

I’ll be discussing both copyright and trademarking. What are they? How do you protect your brand with disclaimers? What should you be prioritising?

Each day we’ll also have a live Q&A for you to soundboard all of your questions off me – no intimidation, no worry, and no-one is left behind.



What would a challenge be without prizes, ay?! 

I’ll be giving out a gold and silver prize to two challenge team members…did someone say spa day or Amazon splurge? 

How it’ll work

From the 7th of February – the 9th of February I’ll be hosting the daily sessions in a free Facebook community, where everyone is welcome to ask as many questions as needed – no question is a daft question in my opinion.

Videos will go live each morning, and each afternoon I’ll be hopping on for a live Q&A session. You’ll have FULL access to me for 3 full days.

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