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We’re Your Legal Team

A team of 3 solicitors and lawyers who are incredibly passionate about helping business owners protect their businesses legally as they grow and scale.

All that time, energy and money you’ve put into establishing your business…it has to be worth your while! We don’t want you to lose everything because you didn’t have the right legal protection in place. We want you to develop your business with solid foundations that you can rely on.

We’re a friendly and approachable team, with a transparent and plain English approach to everything we do. We work in a very collaborative manner, working together to understand the ins and outs of your business. You’ll always have someone by your side to help.

Whether you’re a start-up, you’re a couple of years into your growth journey OR you’re an established business, we’re on your team.

We aren’t limited to any specific industry or niche; our aim is to help as many business owners as possible – coaches, consultants, e-commerce businesses, SaaS brands…get in touch!

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Welcome to Jamieson Law – the innovative, different approach to legal services.

From the start of our journey, we’ve done things differently. We know there are so many small businesses out there who struggle with lack of transparency in the legal sector and feel out of their depth when asking for help.

We’re on a mission to change this.

We specialise in Business Law and Brand Protection, covering everything from contract drafting to trademarking.

One thing you NEED to know about us is that we’re all about transparency and fairness in everything we do.

We offer an ‘on-demand counsel’ service, meaning we build long term relationships – you can pick up the phone to us whenever you need, and we work together on the legal stuff.

This sounds cheesy, but hear us out…we really love our clients and value their business. We work with people and businesses we actually care about. We get to help loads of really cool, innovative small businesses and start-ups go from vulnerable to bulletproof. We love what we do!

And the best bit? We speak in PLAIN English

*We’re regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and our Irish firm is regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. This doesn’t mean we can only advise Scottish or Irish clients - we work with clients across the UK and Ireland on business and brand protection matters. We do not deal with matters surrounding disputes, litigation and property law (in England). We are qualified in English, Scots and Irish law. We can also advise on New York and California law*


We Work
  • Number 1 copy

    Hop on a free, no-obligation legal advice call.

    Ask us your burning questions and chat about any specific legal advice or work you’d like us to help out with (if a phone call or video call isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We can do everything via email too)

  • number 2 copy

    Leave the call with a game plan and REAL, actionable steps.

    If you need any extra legal support after the call, we’ll let you know EXACTLY how much this will cost, with a fixed fee (and yes, fixed means fixed – we’ve heard horror stories of clients asking their lawyer a simple question and being billed £500, not our vibe)

  • number 3

    All legal work is delivered to you within 3 business days.

    That’s not to say we can’t help out if it’s more urgent, we absolutely can. If you’re in that situation, just say!



Lucy Sheridan
The Comparison Coach

“I don't know where to start as there are so many positives to share about working with Babs and her team. I was initially in touch about help with a few important legal admin matters and I was so impressed with the excellent service, approach and knowledge I am now a retained client. As a director of a scaling business, knowing I have Babs' brains and prowess on call gives me great confidence and peace of mind. From trademarking and contracts right through to terms and future proofing, Babs is a trusted extension of my team. Meticulous, fast and a brilliant team that really *gets* the commercials of business, I highly recommend this firm.”

Mark Brohan
Ghrian Limited

“I first contacted Babs from the middle of a park, on a grainy Zoom call, for a free 15minute, introductory meeting. I explained my business plans and asked for her help, to give me the legal protection required on this Start-Up journey. From the very first day, Babs was and still is, always their when I need her. The team at ‘Jamieson law’ are second to none and get the job done, every time. Working through this torrid terrain of investors, imports and contracts, Babs gives myself and my team, the confidence and security, to keep moving forward.”

Kirsten Henderson
Market Argyll

“Babs and her team at Jamieson Law provide refreshingly friendly and approachable service - not what most of us are used to when it comes to lawyers! We received crystal clear guidance for our small business, pricing was completely transparent, and the service was fast and efficient. Babs really went above and beyond for us and I now recommend her services to everyone, including our own clients.”

Samantha Vandersteen
Red Boots Marketing Ltd

“Babs is my new favourite person! I was getting myself stressed out and in a muddle with all the documents and contracts etc. I need as a freelancer, but Babs is “virtually” holding my hand through it and making all the legal stuff (technical term) seem much less scary. Definitely recommend!”

Dee Kelly
DK Fitness & Nutrition

“Jamieson Law was recommended to me by colleagues and they did not disappoint. The service from Babs was 5-star. A full review of all my documents ensuring everything was covered on both sides. A fast turnaround and great communication throughout . Overall, an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

James Owen
Divine Creations

“I was absolutely thrilled with the result of Babs’s work. Not only was she fast and affordable, she didn’t once compromise on quality! The level of service she delivered was excellent and I’ve already recommended her to other business owners I network with. I can’t wait to be working with her again for any legal or commercial law requests. I’m in safe hands!”

Sarah Travell
Virgate Accounts

“What an amazing woman! Dedicated to what she does, a fountain of knowledge and super responsive (which is super key when you need advice from a lawyer!)”

Paul Wilson

“I don’t often write reviews even after receiving excellent service, but with Jamieson Law, I had to make the exception. When I received the funding to scale my Start-up to a full-scale company, I needed to have in place the commercial contracts necessary to support my business. After an introduction to Babs & an explanation of what I required, she set to work & provided me with everything I needed. Furthermore, Babs also reviewed Service Agreements supplied to me by companies whose services I needed & ensured the contracts were balanced & fair. She did such an excellent job that the company providing my telemarketing sales asked if I would introduce her to them, which I was more than happy to do. Starting a new business is difficult & expensive enough without having to fork out thousands in legal fees & trying to understand legal terms written in contracts. Babs made this easy for me & the costs for the quality of work she provided was very reasonable. I wouldn’t use another commercial solicitor to undertake any work for me ever again & I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much, Babs.”

Lian Fleetwood
Recruitment Specialist

“I highly recommend Babs Jamieson if you are looking for legal advice and support for your business. Babs is super friendly and approachable and explains everything in a really simple, understandable way”

Firdaus Mogul
Check an Invoice Limited

“Babs Jamieson is amazing. Never seen a lawyer who is that focused on YOUR business. Most lawyers just want to clock the hours. They won’t admit it, but they do. Babs makes every second count and offers amazing advice in a very short time”


Hop over to the ‘Services’ section for some more info on the different types of work we can help you with.

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We’re a multi award-winning firm too! Check out some of our exciting award wins and nominations

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to shake things up in the world of legal. We know that lawyers regularly get a bad reputation due to high prices and being intimidating to small businesses. Our ethos is the complete opposite to this. We are passionate about making sure all businesses (especially small ones) have access to crystal clear legal advice with fixed and transparent fees.

Absolutely! People are often shocked by this. A lawyer giving away their time for free? Unheard of. We offer free initial consultations, where we can chat through your legal needs. Head over to the contact section or email us on info@jamiesonlaw.legal and we would be delighted to chat to you.

We offer 15-minute free legal health checks, where you can bounce your legal queries off of one of our brilliant lawyers. There are a few ways you can go about this…

It is super easy. We offer a free initial consultation where we chat through your queries. If you decide you want to go ahead with the work, just let us know and we will get going. You will know how much the work will cost up front, and we never stray from that fixed fee unless you ask us to do different/extra work (and then we’ll always tell you in advance). Our work has a 3-business day turnaround, but if you need something urgently, let us know!

All costs are completely dependent on what it is you need. We do everything on a fixed fee basis. 

Our hourly fees are £250 in the UK and EUR 300 in Ireland (although we really do not work this way, this is more as a guide for you).

Because our fees are fixed, your costs will never spiral, meaning you can keep control of your costs. 

Contracts you are issuing to someone or have been asked to sign (drafting and reviewing)
• Terms and conditions
• Data Protection compliance (including privacy policies)
• Brand protection and trademarking
• Preparing your business for sale or investment
• HR support & employment law advice

Head over to the services section to find out more.

We also have a bunch of free resources for you to utilise, you can click here to find those.

We can work together on a 1:1 basis on an ad-hoc (one off) or retainer (monthly) basis. We’d love to have an initial chat with you to find out how we can work together – you can do this by hopping on one of our completely free legal advice calls here.

No, we don’t deal with any kind of disputes.

Yes, we’re regulated by the Law Society of Scotland, and our Irish firm is regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. We advise on English law, Scots law, Irish law, New York law and California law.

We deal primarily with commercial matters (such as contractors, corporate, brand protection and data protection), and we don’t deal with things like litigation or property law.

Hop on one of our free legal health check calls where we can chat through your specific needs. We will quote you on the basis of upfront, fixed fees (no hidden charges). Just drop us an email outlining what it is you are looking for and we will get back to you – info@jamiesonlaw.legal.

If you are given a cost for legal work, it will stay that way. The only way a price will change is if you have instructed us to do more work for you, or the nature of the instruction significantly changes.

Having your contracts reviewed by a third party is important; you want to make sure the information is correct and that it protects you and your business. Imagine signing a contract and realising at a later date that you gave away all your intellectual property, or you’re restricted from selling to a particular industry? Let us know if you would like to have a contract reviewed by one of our lawyers. Email us on info@jamiesonlaw.legal or book in on a free initial consultation.

We are happy to make any changes you need to the contracts we have drafted or reviewed. The fee is the fee unless the work significantly changes.

We’re not limited to any niche, industry or business-type here at Jamieson Law, although we’re incredibly passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses grow and thrive! We help a variety of different businesses and entrepreneurs including coaches, consultants, those in the tech sphere, cake makers and bridal boutiques (to name a few).

Our UK firm is registered in Glasgow and our Ireland firm is registered in County Meath. However, we’re a fully online, digital law firm. This allows us to be incredibly flexible and to work with & scale so many different businesses.


If you have a question about any of our services or would like to arrange to speak to one of our legal experts please do not hesitate to get in touch or send us a message using the contact form.

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UK office: G2, 2 Milverton Grange, Glasgow G46 7AU
Ireland office: Cushenstown, Garristown, Meath A42 FY83

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