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Founder, CEO and Solicitor

Babs is qualified in England, Scotland, Ireland, New York and California, and advises on a wide range of corporate and commercial law matters.
Babs saw the issues with the legal sector and was on a one-woman mission to shake things up! Babs has worked in big law firms, and with lots of small to medium-sized businesses, and knows there is a disconnect between what clients are looking for, and how big firms treat their clients.
Babs places huge value on building relationships - understanding a client’s business, supporting a growth journey, and being that port of call along the way.
Babs believes that all legal advice should be easy to understand, straightforward and easy to apply. You won’t find any legal jargon or ass-covering legal opinions here!


Marketing Manager

Shannon is the Marketing Manager for Jamieson Law. She communicates with our current clients and makes sure they’re well looked after whilst also introducing new clients to the business, so that we’re able to help with our transparent legal advice. 

Shannon assists with developing new goals for Jamieson Law and the team and is constantly on the look out for new opportunities for us to get involved in, particularly concentrating on how to ‘spread the word’ about Jamieson Law, so we can make a huge impact in the world of legal.

Shannon plays a huge part in planning and overseeing marketing initiatives, focusing largely on social media content creation and social media marketing, by working closely alongside our design colleagues to create engaging and informative content.


Head Of Client Relations and Design

Jen has a two-fold role at Jamieson Law, working as head of client relations and design.

Jen makes sure that clients get the help they need, ensuring that anyone who gets in touch with us is looked after via brilliant communication from the offset and relationship building. Jen helps to inject colour into our business and into the world of legal, getting creative with designs for our social media and branding.

Jen enjoys having the creative freedom of working with a small (but mighty) team and really appreciates the fact that by creating graphics and easy to understand content, we’re making legal advice even more accessible to businesses.


HR and Operations Manager

Lauren is our HR and Operations manager here at Jamieson Law. She makes sure operations are running smoothly and that staff are happy. Lauren coordinates employee training, improves organisational processes and she works to improve productivity and efficiency within the firm. Lauren is attentive and people focused and is great at offering guidance to others. She is patient, efficient and hard-working. Lauren loves being part of a small team helping it grow with the help of her expertise.

Laurie meet the team

Head of Client Relations and Design

Laurie has a dual role at Jamieson Law being head of client relations and design. Laurie’s background in jewellery design and working as a classroom assistant means she is both organised and creative!
Designing and creating posts for business’ social medias, Laurie enjoys making sure the legal advice and information isn’t too daunting for the reader by adding bright colours and images that are easy on the eye.
Being part of a small online team is new to Laurie but she has joined the force full steam ahead and ready to look after any of our clients needs.

Laura Jamie lae solicitor copy


Laura is one of our lawyers here at Jamieson Law. Laura has left the property world to join our close-knit, growing team and help make a difference to small businesses and entrepreneurs who have a great idea/innovation but need a hand getting started. She has always loved the personal touches in her work and building relationships with her clients.
Laura was attracted to us because we aren’t the typical law firm and our ethos is fully aligned with her values, particularly when it comes to our transparency surrounding fees.

UK office: G2, 2 Milverton Grange, Glasgow G46 7AU
Ireland office: Cushenstown, Garristown, Meath A42 FY83

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