Technology has changed our lives in countless ways over the last few decades. From the way we communicate to how we access information; technology is transforming the digital landscape and is having a profound impact on our lives.

If your business has developed an innovative piece of tech software, working with experienced technology lawyers like Jamieson Law can help you make informed decisions and protect your interests. Equally, if you are looking to license the use of a new piece software, seeking legal advice early in the journey can avoid costly mistakes further down the line.

Technology Lawyers


If you've spent years developing the next big thing in tech, you'll want to protect your investment and your ideas. 

Technology law firms provide a wide range of services that can help you navigate the complicated world of technology law. With their specialised knowledge and experience, technology law firms can help you protect your intellectual property and ensure that your business is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Technology law firms can also provide strategic advice to help you make informed decisions on how to use and protect your technology assets. They can provide you with the legal support to successfully negotiate contracts, maximising the value of your technological assets and minimising your legal risks.

Ultimately, using a technology law firm is an important step towards ensuring the future success of your business.

Our Jamieson Law technology lawyers are experienced, friendly and will help you to get the best value from the software you have developed. 


Babs and her team have been excellent from the moment we first started working with them. They really understood what's important to our business and their level of service and super quick response times have always been amazing. 


Our technology lawyer specialists can draft your business terms and conditions. These could be standard terms and conditions that ensure everyone, such as your users, clients and supply chain, understands exactly where they stand when they work with you. We can also help with specific terms and conditions relating to your app, platform or the specific service that you provide. 

If you have a suite of contracts and agreements that you are already using, we can review them for you and ensure everything is up-to-date and legally watertight.

If you are a tech company, and you are handling user data, data protection is an issue you can't ignore. 

Our technology lawyers will take time to understand the type of data you handle and will identify any areas of weakness or non-compliance. We will then provide you with targeted data protection advice and a plan of action to ensure your business and your software are fully GDPR-compliant. 

An End User Licence Agreement (EULA) is an essential document that protects your software and regulates its use. The agreement serves 4 key functions:

  • Controls the distribution and use of your software.
  • Prevents it from abuse, for example prohibiting coping or re-distribution.
  • Allow the licensor to terminate the agreement on their terms.
  • Limits any liability for the software and any damages payable.

We can help you to draft a EULA that outlines the user’s rights and obligations with respect to your software.

Limiting your liability is an incredibly important concept for both parties involved in a technology contract. If you are a small company, but a big brand wants to buy into your software, you must protect your liability! If you are sued by a third-party for any reason, and you don't have limited liability written in your contracts, you could lose everything.

By including a limited liability clause in your contracts, you will be liable only for the amount of money that has been agreed. Typically, this would be the amount you are insured for, but we'll always fight for our clients and keep the amount as low as possible.

Although limited liability can sound scary, it provides a level of security and stability to both parties and encourages your potential clients to enter into more complex, long-term contracts.

You've proved that your software works, but to meet the demand for it, you're going to have to scale. If you don't have the financial resources to invest in your business growth, working with investors is going to be key to your success.

Investment tends to take two forms.

The most common is an equity investment (think Dragon's Den!). It's when someone puts money into your business and in return, they get an equity stake in your company.

The second type of investment is a loan note, sometimes called a convertible loan note. A loan note is when an investor agrees to invest in your business by offering a loan that is either repayable or converted into shares at an agreed point in the future. 

Raising funds can seem daunting. That is why Jamieson Law takes the stress out of the whole process by dealing with all of the legal documentation on your behalf. We'll help you through the due diligence process with investors, while remaining responsive, transparent and friendly.

Our tech lawyers understand the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) to technology companies. You need to protect your ideas and innovation, but you also need to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition by developing and promoting a recognisable brand.

We have a team of experienced technology lawyers who can help safeguard your sensitive information and provide a range of services, including confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Computer software, like books and other creative works, is protected by copyright. We can help you take the right steps to prevent competitor developers from copying, adapting and launching your software as their own.

We can also help you to register your trademark. We'll give you advice on what you should trademark and in what classes. We'll also check the database to make sure your proposed trademark isn't already registered. We'll then help you apply for the trademark, taking the stress out of the process.

If the next step is moving from your home or coworking space to your own commercial property, our expert solicitors can support your commercial property lease negotiations. Technology companies will often have specific property needs. A tech lawyer will be able to advise you on the things you should be thinking about before you sign the lease.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between a technology company and its clients that outlines the level of service and support the company will provide. It can include details on response times, availability, and quality of service.

We'll help you draft an SLA that sets expectations and helps both you and your clients understand the quality of service they can expect. 

If you have shareholders, you need a shareholder agreement! It is an important document for any technology company because it is a legally binding document that addresses issues such as ownership, board representation, voting rights, dispute resolution, and various other matters that must be agreed upon by the shareholders. By having a shareholder agreement in place, it ensures that the company is run in a professional and organised manner and that any disputes that may arise can be dealt with quickly and effectively. 

Technology law firms like Jamieson Law have the experience to help you draft your shareholder/founder agreement to ensure you’re protected.

Your website terms and conditions contain all the information you must communicate about the use of your website. They should include:

  • A copyright disclaimer.
  • A limitation of liability clause.
  • Controls around user-credentials and keeping passwords secure.

You'll also need a well-written privacy policy which proves to your customers that you take data protection seriously. 


Our Jamieson Law technology lawyers are more than award-winning legal experts.

Over the years we have built up a strong reputation within the tech sphere, supporting technology brands specialising in SaaS, information technology, FinTech, software engineering and block chain.

This hands-on practical experience means that we understand your sector and so can offer informed commercial advice that gets you where you need to be, in a safe and sustainable way.


I have been using Jamieson Law for a couple of months in order to review some commercial contracts. Babs is professional and is able to deliver very quickly. She has a lot of experience and is also knowledgeable in US laws which is definitely a plus, having a few important American clients. 


Why not jump on a free 15-minute legal advice call with one of our technology lawyers and discuss your needs? We'll listen to your questions and provide you with some advice to get you on your way.

If you decide to invest in our legal services, we offer two solutions.

Bite-size advice

If you don't need a lot of legal representation, you can work with us on a project-by-project basis. You'll get all the benefits of superb legal advice, but without any commitment.

Monthly retainer

Larger organisations often prefer to work with us on a retained basis, so that we can act as their in-house counsel.

Whichever route you choose, you can be assured that our fixed-fee pricing is fully transparent, there's no hidden extras to catch you out! We are a friendly and approachable team that is fast-acting, efficient, and always on your side.


Technology lawyers are legal professionals who specialise in technology-related issues. Their services include advice on the legal implications of new technologies, intellectual property protection and contract drafting and negotiation. Technology lawyers are knowledgeable about the latest laws, regulations, and industry trends, which helps them provide the best legal advice for their clients. Technology lawyers are an essential part of the modern world, helping to ensure that software developers can operate safely, securely, and legally.

Jamieson Law has a wealth of experience in the tech sector and can help you with a broad range of services. The bulk of our work is the drafting of contracts and agreements that define how your software is used. We also cover intellectual property, business property leases, investment rounds and shareholder agreements, to name just a few.

Our number one piece of advice to any business, large or small, is to make sure you have a clause in your contracts that limits your liability. Without this, one legal claim against you could destroy your business and possibly even your personal financial security. Technology lawyers are also experts in protecting the software you have developed, maximising on the potential return by putting in place watertight legal documentation.

Failing to protect your innovation is a common theme. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of launching a new product, but if your software isn’t trademarked and your end user licence agreement is non-existent, you’re asking for trouble.

A technology lawyer has up-to-date specialist tech sector knowledge. You can rely on our expertise in this area, simplifying your life so that you can get on with doing what you do best.

It goes without saying that you need a plan, and you need to follow it. The most common obstacle that tech businesses encounter while scaling is lack of funding. If you can attract investors, our number one piece of advice is to get everything down in a legally binding document that protects both your business and the interests of the investor through a shareholder agreement.

We support a broad range of tech sector businesses, including brands specialising in SaaS, information technology, FinTech, software engineering and block chain.


Babs provides on-demand, super helpful, pragmatic, fairly priced, legal guidance and hands-on legal support to our business - very highly recommended for any business.


ZigZag Global operates a returns platform, allowing large global retailers and delivery carriers to streamline and systemise their returns process.

After an initial free 15-minute legal health check with ZigZag, we started helping with some major client contracts. This involved reviewing contract drafts, running conference calls and getting client contracts over the line, all crucial for a growing business, but something that takes a lot of time and resource. This has reduced the organisation’s legal risk and freed up some internal resources within ZigZag Global, so that they can focus on running the business. 

Cloud 8 Ltd operates the next generation of workplace technology. Their modern and user-friendly employee benefits platform is aimed at advisors looking to digitalise their proposition and is designed to help small businesses scale and grow. Cloud 8 didn’t have an in-house legal team to negotiate agreements when new clients came on board. This meant staff were spending considerable time going through agreements, rather than focusing on the day job.

We initially reviewed Cloud 8’s licensing agreement and we are now involved with their new client negotiations. This has reduced the internal resources being used and addressed any legal risk faced by the business, allowing them to scale safely.


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