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Do you have a business website, but you’re not sure if it’s legally compliant?

Do you want the reassurance of expertly prepared legal documents for your site, but without the expense of hiring a lawyer?

If the answer is yes, then our ‘Website Legals: DIY’ bundle is designed for business owners just like you!

This easy-to-use bundle contains everything you need to get your website fully compliant. Available as an instant download, it contains lawyer-drafted legal documents that are fully editable by you. The bundle also includes access to our video training, which walks you through how to complete the documents. Taught by one of our expert solicitors, you will learn how to get your website legals in place, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer to do it for you.


  • Website Terms of Use

    This editable legal document protects both you and your customers. It contains all the information you must communicate about the use of your website. We include:

    • A copyright disclaimer
    • A limitation of liability clause
    • Data protection compliance
    • And much more
  • Privacy and Cookies Policy

    This is a fundamental legal requirement, and a well-written policy proves to your customers that you take data protection seriously. Our editable template covers everything from collecting personal data to cookies. Once it’s complete, you’ll be GDPR and privacy regulation compliant. 

    The document also includes email marketing and opting in / opting out.

  • Video guidance

    We include a handy walkthrough video guide to provide a bit of extra reassurance that you’re doing things correctly. Taught by our solicitor Babs, we show you how to fill out the templates properly. Once completed, you can upload them to your website and you’re good to go!

  • A guide to website cookies

    This useful document outlines everything you need to know about cookies. This includes wording to use for your Cookies Consent Banner, something that every website needs. You’ll also get access to a free high-level privacy risk report. The report covers which cookies your website uses, so you can further tailor your documents.

  • Peace of mind

    When you know your online presence is legally compliant, you can relax and concentrate on what you enjoy doing best – growing your brand!


Here’s what our brilliant clients say

Kirsten Henderson
Market Argyll

“Babs and her team at Jamieson Law provide refreshingly friendly and approachable service – not what most of us are used to when it comes to lawyers! We received crystal clear guidance for our small business, pricing was completely transparent, and the service was fast and efficient. Babs really went above and beyond for us, and I now recommend her service to everyone, including my own clients” 

Zoë Longford

“Babs and the Jamieson Law team are not only lovely and a joy to speak with, but they’re also full of expert knowledge. You need someone you can trust when it comes to your business and for me this will always be Jamieson Law. Would recommend very highly”

Nicola Brunwin
Sail Mhor View

“Jamieson Law are everything a small business needs to get their legals in place. Everything is presented in a uniquely clear and concise way, and the whole team are approachable and friendly. It’s so refreshing to find a firm like this – they restore faith in the legal industry and actually manage to inject some fun into what could be mundane. Invaluable”

Aisha Ali

“As a new start-up company, I was looking for legal advice and contracts that would be bespoke. Jamieson Law were very professional, personable and no request or demand was too big. I would highly recommend Jamieson Law if you are looking for a service that puts you at the heart of what they do. I am so impressed by the responsiveness and the speedy turnaround of the contracts”

You are in control! Understanding and having ownership of your own legal documents is empowering.
The templates are user-friendly and suited to most businesses.
Our documents are drafted by lawyers, you just need to add your own business details.
You’ll save time. Instead of searching for individual documents, we provide everything you need in one place.
A legally compliant website demonstrates professionalism and builds trust with your customers.

Meet The Team

Babs, Lynne and Laura are the team of award-winning solicitors behind Jamieson Law. We are a refreshingly different law firm. Straight talking and forward thinking, we have been challenging the perception of traditional law firms since the start of our journey.

With our combined legal expertise, we have helped hundreds of business owners protect their website. And we are here to help you too!

We will ensure that you are building your business on solid legal foundations, but without the expense of working with a lawyer one-to-one. 

Our DIY products are designed to give you confidence and save you time. It’s all about making sure you understand the legal side of your business, empowering you to take control of your own legal processes.

Please note that our ‘Website Legals DIY’ bundle is suitable for businesses that do not transact online. If you are an e-commerce business selling products through your website, you’ll need bespoke website terms of use. We can help with drafting these documents for you, just get in touch!

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If a solicitor were to create your website compliance documents for you, it would cost upwards of £550 + VAT. Our ‘Website Legals: DIY’ bundle is a much more affordable option, especially if you are just starting out on your business adventure. 

You will receive legal templates drafted by our expert solicitors, a training video for extra reassurance and a guide to website cookies.

UK Business Owners

Irish Business Owners


You should instantly receive an email that contains your Website Legals: DIY bundle. This contains:

  1. Your template, editable website terms of use
  2. Your template, editable privacy, and cookies policy
  3. Your super handy, simple walkthrough video guide taught by our solicitor Babs, running through how to fill out your editable documents
  4. A guide to website cookies, including the link to receive your free high level privacy risk report, outlining what cookies your website uses, so you can further tailor your new legal documents

Website Legals: DIY has been created with pretty much all business owners in mind. Because the legal documents are templated, they apply to most businesses!

Website Legals: DIY is for business owners in the UK and Ireland.

Website Legals: DIY contains general website legal documents. The website terms of use are not transactional for when you are selling products. This means that if you’re selling products over your website, these website terms of use won’t suit – these require bespoke website terms of use to be drafted for you. If you need help with this, get in touch! info@jamiesonlaw.legal 

Not at all! We’ve created Website Legals: DIY so it can be used by both UK and Irish business owners.

For a lifetime! Once you’ve purchased Website Legals: DIY, that’s you set. You can refer back to your templates, walkthrough video and guide whenever you need to.

Website Legals: DIY is considered a ‘digital download’ which we sell to you as a business customer. Therefore, applicable consumer protections in the UK and the EU do not apply. This means that there are no refunds for any payment made for Website Legals: DIY.

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One area that Jamieson Law specialise in is commercial and business law. This mostly comes down to the business contracts that you need in place to grow and protect your thriving business!

We draft bespoke contracts that cover exactly what your unique business does, creating airtight documents that protect you legally.

We also offer fixed fee contract reviewing, whether you want to make sure your own legal documents are up to scratch or you’re unsure about a contract you’ve been given to sign, our commercial lawyers will take a deep dive into the contract to make any necessary changes or advise you on your next steps.

From smaller business to larger corporations, we can help you navigate the world of contracts.

We’re passionate about ‘legal design’. If you haven’t heard of this before, here is a quick overview. It focuses on a ‘human centred’ approach to contracts. It’s all about making sure your contracts reflect your branding and the tone you want your business to portray! Contrary to popular belief, contracts really don’t have to be long and drawn out, technical or 30-pages long (which some are). Your contracts should align with the rest of your business and be written just like you’ve drafted it yourself.

We draft contracts that fully reflect what you want them to.

Below are some examples of the commercial law services we offer (although there are many weird and wonderful contracts out there that we can support you with).

If you like the sound of our commercial law services, then don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help you!

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