Legal Chats – The Legal Basics You Need to Know

What are the legal basics you should know for your business? In this episode of Start Scale Succeed, Nicole is joined by Babs Jamieson founder of Jamieson Law, and host of Legal Leverage podcast.

Not A Normal Lawyer Babs Jamieson - Solicitor, CEO + Founder of Jamie

Not A Normal Lawyer -Babs Jamieson - Solicitor, CEO + Founder of Jamieson Law

When “I just don’t think I’m a normal lawyer in any respect” is the answer to “what makes you Legally Different” - you know you’re in good in company. 

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Jamieson Law – Accessible Legal Advice for Small Businesses

This week, I am so excited to be chatting with Babs from Jamison Law who is on a mission to make quality legal advice friendly and accessible for small business owners.

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Legal Steps You Need to Take as a Founder – Babs Jamieson

In this episode, I spoke with Babs Jamieson, qualified UK, and USA lawyer and CEO of Jamieson Law.
If you run a business or are thinking about starting a business and want to know the essential legal practices you need to adopt for it – this is the episode for you!

Freelance Heroes

The Legal Side Of Freelancing

In the latest Freelance Heroes podcast, we delve into the legal responsibilities of freelancers and simplify many of the concerns that are held, by putting your questions to Lawyer, Babs Jamieson.


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*We’re regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and our Irish firm is regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. This doesn’t mean we can only advise Scottish or Irish clients - we work with clients across the UK and Ireland on business and brand protection matters. We do not deal with matters surrounding disputes and litigation. We are qualified in English, Scots and Irish law. We can also advise on New York and California law*

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