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Are you ready to trademark your brand, but not sure where to start?
Do you want guidance from expert lawyers, but without the cost of hiring a solicitor?

If the answer is yes, our ‘Time to Trademark: DIY’ online training is designed for business owners just like you!

In this two-part course you will learn how to register your trademark yourself. We’ll guide you through the trademark application process, explaining the steps you need to take to protect your brand in the UK.

The benefits of Trademarking
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    Your ideas, brand and products are protected for 10 years

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    If anyone tries to copy your brand, the law is on your side

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    Peace of mind knowing you own your brand identity

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Meet The Team

Babs, Lynne and Laura are the team of award-winning solicitors behind Jamieson Law. We are a refreshingly different law firm. Straight talking and forward thinking, we have been challenging the perception of traditional law firms since the start of our journey.

We are brand protection specialists and have helped hundreds of business owners protect their Intellectual Property. And we are here to help you too! 

Our ‘Time to Trademark: DIY’ course walks you through everything you need to know about registering your trademark in the UK. The training is entirely online, meaning you can complete the course from anywhere, working through the steps in your own time.

What You’ll Learn

The importance of trademarks

How to decide what to trademark

How to choose the right classes and descriptions

How long the registration process takes

How and where to complete your registration

What to avoid, so you don’t get it wrong



Adrian Brennan

“Brilliant consultation with Jamieson Law today, I now have a full understanding of what I do and don’t need to do when it comes to trademarks and IP, wish I had done this sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money. They are clearly experts at what they do."

Firdaus Mogul
Check an Invoice

“Babs Jamieson is amazing. Never seen a lawyer who is that focused on YOUR business. Most lawyers just want to clock the hours. They won’t admit it, but they do. Babs makes every second count and offers amazing advice!”

Dave Holt
Sigma Efficiency

“Thank you for your help recently on upgrading our legal. Totally invaluable in allowing our business to move to the next level…”

Mark Cook
Sim & Skills Ltd

“Easy to follow, contained all the information needed without being overwhelming”


"Just submitted my application 🙌🏻 Thank you so much for the help. I'd looked at it before and was bamboozled by the options❤️  "

Nicola Brunwin
Sail Mhor View

"An easy, step by step walk through of the process, which you can pause as you work through the online process. Invaluable."

The Investment

Hiring a solicitor to register your trademark could cost you upwards of £500. Trying to do it yourself, and getting it wrong, could cost you even more. Complete our ‘Time to Trademark: DIY’ training and you can be confident you’ll get it right first time.

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