the legal guide

Download this legal guide to successfully navigate an investment round for your business. From preparing for due diligence to negotiating term sheets, this legal guide covers the key legal considerations to help you close a funding deal with confidence

Data compliance checklist

Unlock the secrets of UK data compliance requirements for technology firms! Written by our expert lawyers, this simple step-by-step checklist will help you discover if your tech firm is compliant with the latest data regulations in the UK. And more importantly, what to do if it’s not! Download your copy now and start safeguarding your business!

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Cut Out the Copycats

Cut out those business copycats! Are you concerned that your content, business name or logo are being copied?

If the answer is yes, then download our free guide detailing the 9 ultimate steps that you can take when dealing with copyright infringement, trademark infringement and ‘passing off’.

Follow this advice and you’ll know exactly how to protect the brand you’ve worked incredibly hard to build.

Legal Leverage start-up checklist

The beginning of your business journey is exciting and fun. It can also be stressful; how do you even know where to begin? Our start-up guide uses our proven ‘Legal Leverage’ framework, covering your legal and setting up necessities for you to follow and check off as you go along.

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trademarketing 101
Trademarking 101 Masterclass

Do you want to know what trademarking is and how it can benefit your business? Then watch our useful Trademarking 101: Training Masterclass!

This is here to help all business owners, whether you’re a coach, a consultant, a product seller, or a tech-based business.

Secret to building a bullet-proof business

You’ve put so much time, energy, and money into building a flourishing, thriving, scaling business. Now it’s time to protect it. Brand protection is the number one method of taking your business to the next level and building yourself an unbeatable brand. Download your free copy of ‘The Secret to Building a Bullet-proof Business’ and learn exactly what you need to do.

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road map
UK Trademark Roadmap

We’ve all heard of trademarks but understanding how to register your trademark can seem a bit daunting and confusing. Download a free copy of our handy UK Trademark Roadmap and learn exactly how the UK trademark registration process works.

US trademark roadmap

Does your business operate a bit further afield, and you want to make sure your brand is 100% protected from a legal perspective? Grab yourself the US Trademark Roadmap, outlining in simple terms how the US trademark registration process works.

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Understanding IR35 checklist

IR35, or the ‘off-payroll working rules’ was updated on the 6th of April 2021. If you’re a contractor yourself, or hire contractors within your business, you need to be aware of these changes. It can be a bit tricky to figure out what you need to do, but we’ve got your back. Grab a copy of our ‘Understanding IR35 Checklist’ to use as a guide towards compliance.


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