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5 documents I need to start a tech business

There are documents you need to start a tech business, and those that lawyers want to sell you. They are not always the same thing.

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HOW TO: E-Commerce Compliance

Are you selling goods online? With the domination of Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and thousands of other e-shops, it is no surprise that many start-ups are of an e-commerce nature. Setting up your business online is future- (and COVID) proof, but there are specific legal requirements that you need to take into consideration.


5 Reason why legally protecting your brand is insanely important

Starting your business is super exciting. You just want to get going with the fun stuff...but often this means that the more 'boring' things can be left out.

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Trademarks: giving your brand the respect it deserves

Barbara Jamieson is BridalBuyer.com’s business law expert. In this article, she emphasises the importance of trademarks and four steps to take when protecting your brand.

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Your Business with James Caan - Bulletproof your brand

Babs Jamieson is chatting all about brand protection in this years copy of Your Business with James Caan. Find out how to build a bulletproof brand, and protect that business you've put so much time and energy into growing

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Are all your legal bases covered?

Barbara Jamieson is BridalBuyer.com’s law expert. In this article she details all the legal vulnerabilities you may not be aware of and provides actionable steps to tackle them with.

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Getting your business Brexit ready

With 2021 well underway and Brexit finally “done”, some people have understandably been left confused about what it actually means for their business. We spoke to Babs Jamieson, CEO and Solicitor at Jamieson Law Ltd, who explained the top ten Brexit laws that will impact retailers and how to get on top of them.

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The importance of T&Cs for bridal boutique owners

BridalBuyer.com’s legal contributor Barbara Jamieson emphasises the importance of having robust Terms and Conditions and highlights what should be covered to help protect your business.

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5 reasons why legally protecting your brand is extremely important

Starting your business is super exciting. You just want to get going with the fun stuff…but often this means that the more ‘boring’ things can be left out. This frequently comes down to legal matters. As uninteresting as it may seem, protecting your business from a legal perspective is INCREDIBLY important.

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Understanding the Law with Barbara Jamieson: Brexit for bridal boutiques

We have been overwhelmed with Brexit queries for the past few months. The retail sector (and, in particular, the wedding sector) has been hit significantly. Talk about “will they, won’t they” becoming “can they, can’t they” when it comes to weddings in 2021. Let us help you understand them puzzling questions and get on top of the new Brexit laws.

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Employment law changes in 2021 – what do you need to know?

We’ve had a lot to contend with this year, haven’t we? Let’s throw some employment law changes in there for good measure.
To be fair to the UK Government, most of the changes reflect the troubling times we’ve found ourselves in recently.

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Ask the Expert: Babs Jamieson, CEO of Jamieson Law

Sometimes finding a business expert to work with can be a challenge. A recommendation helps verify the good qualities of goods and services or the dealings offered by the individual or the organization to a potential client who plans to hire them.


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