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Where we offer crystal clear, user friendly contract templates (without the confusing legal jargon).

Do you want to protect your business legally but aren’t really sure where to start?

Do you have contracts in place that you aren’t all too confident about? Perhaps you don’t have any in place at all? 

Well, you’re in the right place. 

Contracts are the foundation of any business…which means that they’re essential. There is a common misconception that to have good contracts in place it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. While that may be true for traditional lawyers, that isn’t the case here.
At Jamieson Law, we understand the need to keep costs down. We also understand that you want your business to be protected – we want that too. That’s where our contract bundles come in.
We offer 3 bundles for 3 specific industries, as contracts aren’t ‘one size fits all’ – this is ideal, covering your niche industry needs.
You might be thinking ‘I’ve copied and pasted my contract from another lawyer/business coach/tech company/nutritionist, so I don’t need these for my business’ or ‘I’ve used a template off of google, so I’m already protected’… Or maybe you think your business is too small to need the protection of full proof contracts? The thing is, copying and pasting random contracts isn’t going to protect you much…if at all, and your business is never too small for legal protection. Having the correct contracts in place for your own business brings an immeasurable amount of benefits for your business.

Our bundles are affordable, easy to use and time effective – what more could you ask for!
Grow and scale your business with peace of mind that you’re protected whilst doing so – feel fully confident in your business, there’s no better feeling.
Once purchased, you’ll have immediate downloadable access to all documents – this isn’t just a one-time thing, they’re completely ‘reusable’ too!


Build your reputation and prove that you’re serious about what you do


Protect your business from possible future liability (just in case something does go wrong – it’s always best to prepare for the worst)


Make sure your intellectual property is protected 


Comply with relevant privacy and data protection regulations


Have a non-payment situation? Has a client asked for a refund? That’s what your contracts are in place for, to cover all bases!






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Ireland office: Cushenstown, Garristown, Meath, A42 FY83

*We’re regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and our Irish firm is regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. This doesn’t mean we can only advise Scottish or Irish clients - we work with clients across the UK and Ireland on business and brand protection matters. We do not deal with matters surrounding disputes and litigation. We are qualified in English, Scots and Irish law. We can also advise on New York and California law*

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