COO and Solicitor

Lynne is a fellow director at Jamieson Law and works alongside our founder, Babs. She qualified as a solicitor in Scotland and has over 14 years post-qualification experience working with large corporate law firms in Edinburgh. Lynne’s principal areas of experience lie in commercial property, real estate finance and general contract work.

She shares our mission to break the conventional mould surrounding law firms and solicitors. Having spent time in traditional law firms, Lynne is passionate about shaking up the legal world and improving the services and legal protection offered to every type of business, regardless of their size.

Lynne is very thorough and detail orientated. This, along with her in-depth senior level experience, makes her a real asset to our legal team.



UK office: G2, 2 Milverton Grange, Glasgow, G46 7AU

Ireland office: Cushenstown, Garristown, Meath, A42 FY83

*We’re regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and our Irish firm is regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. This doesn’t mean we can only advise Scottish or Irish clients - we work with clients across the UK and Ireland on business and brand protection matters. We do not deal with matters surrounding disputes and litigation. We are qualified in English, Scots and Irish law. We can also advise on New York and California law*

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