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Client Contract or Terms and Conditions?

We get this question a lot “What’s the difference between a client contract and client terms and conditions?”. The answer is they’re the exact same thing.  A client contract or client T&Cs should both cover the same legal bases, because, at the end of the day, their purpose is to govern the relationship between you, …

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Verbal Contracts; Are They Legally Binding?

Let’s talk about verbal contracts. I hope that businesses would always have written contracts in place, but you never know, there’s always one. When you think of verbal contracts, you’re probably wondering to yourself  ”are they legally binding like a written contract is?’’ It’s widely assumed that verbal agreements are not valid, but this isn’t …

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Beyoncé WINS Trademark Opposition

At Jamieson Law, we’re *kind of* obsessed with celebrity trademark battles and dramas. We know, it’s a bit sad, it’s the trademark geek inside of us all coming out! Let’s chat about an interesting one involving a celebrity icon. So Beyoncé of course had her daughter ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ back in 2012. As we know, …

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The Importance Of Trademarks

As you may notice, we talk A LOT about trademarks, and with good reason! They are critical to a smooth-running, hassle-free business. In a nutshell, trademarking is the legal protection of your branding, like your company name, logo, product name, slogan etc – basically everything that makes your business yours and sets you apart from …

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