Do you just keep receiving refund requests?

Whether you’re a product seller or service provider, a coach, a consultant, a tech business, an accountant, a digital marketer, there may be a time where you receive kickback from clients regarding receiving a refund. It’s bound to happen as you grow and scale, people are always trying to chance their luck, right?
The issue comes in when you’re receiving constant refund requests. Are a bunch of your clients doing this and you aren’t really sure why?
Here are 4 things to think about:
1) Identify if you’re mis-selling your product or service. Take a look at your marketing, think about what you say on sales calls and in your messaging – it’s actually against the law to mis-sell to consumers, and you could be fined! Ensure your marketing / sales techniques align with what you actually do
2) Make sure your client contract is legit – do they cover consumer rights to cancel? Do you properly describe how this is (or isn’t) impacted by the type of product or service you sell? Is there anything in your contract that could mislead clients regarding how you deal with refunds? Your client contract should be simple, straightforward and to the point, covering all bases. Bonus – it should also be written in the tone and vibe you want to portray as a business owner too!
3) Is your product fit for purpose? this is a requirement of consumer law, folks!
4) Do you have an effective complaints procedure to rectify any issues? i.e., is your customer service top class?
Walking yourself through your client processes and systems is super important, and allows you to view your business from the perspective of the consumer. Sometimes it can be hard to admit that there are areas you could improve on, but that’s all part of growing an incredible business! Mistakes will be made, that act as a learning curve to benefit you.
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