Clubhouse and privacy issues

Clubhouse, the new networking platform that’s become all the rage.
We have to be honest…we were getting severe FOMO (fear of missing out) and HAD to get an invite. Who wouldn’t want to be in a room with celebrities?!
But with new apps comes new privacy issues. Is clubhouse going to be another TikTok in terms of privacy problems?
Well, it’s come under some criticism from a data protection perspective.
So we’re sure we all know it’s a bit ‘exclusive’, only getting in via invite. Users must share there address book with clubhouse – that means clubhouse can collect personal data from contacts who haven’t previously consented to the processing of their data and who don’t use the app (unlawful).
They also don’t use End to End Encryption with conversations – a big problem (particularly in the EU)…not meeting privacy principles isn’t great (obviously!)
There are data storing issues too.
Honestly…these are just a few of the privacy issues surrounding clubhouse. So keep an eye out on this, and be careful!
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