What should you be prioritising to become the unstoppable CEO?

We all know the basics of running a business and being a CEO. But there’s a key word to note there
‘Basic’. That’s not what you want to be, right? We know we don’t anyway. You want to visualise the bigger picture, so you can become the ‘unstoppable CEO’.
So, what could you be prioritising?
1. Business development and new opportunities
Don’t just stick with the same old same old. Always be open to change. Try new things. Stay open minded. Remember, trial and error is important too
2. Outsourcing/delegation
Do you feel ready to take on a team member? Or maybe you’ve got no time and would like to outsource some daily tasks? Don’t wear all the hats, protect your energy and delegate where needed
3. Get yourself out there!
I’m talking articles, podcasts, collabs – the whole shabang. Don’t be afraid to just go for it. Be ruthless
4. Look at your business from other perspectives
From the point of view of your clients/potential clients or even your employees. Make sure everything runs smoothly. Do your systems work? Is your website accessible?
5. Be prepared to handle objections
Personally we know how difficult it can be to get kick back. But it’s destined to happen, you need to have the mindset and ability to deal with this in the best possible way
Are you ready to become unstoppable?
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