Are clients asking you to reduce your rates?

Ever had a client that’s asked you to reduce your rates?

Never really been sure what to do in that kind of situation?

Feel like you wouldn’t be charging your worth?

Here are our thoughts…

What do your payment terms say?

  • Think about pointing them towards the payment terms in your contract – mention that this is what you charge everyone, or that this is your pricing structure

Charge your worth

  • We often speak to our clients about this
  • Make sure you’re being paid for what you’re valued at

If you accept, you might struggle to increase your pricing

  • Offer a price you’re willing to stick with for the long term
  • Is it a long term client you think will bring lots of work? Go for it!
  • It it’s a one off/someone you feel could cause difficulties, stick to your guns

Think about quality

  • Could reducing your rates look like what you’re offering is of ‘inferior’ quality?

All in all – always trust your gut. If you feel like it could be a difficult client relationship, think about if you want to go through with it

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