Trademark Battle: Elvis VS BrewDog

The King is back in the building…and so are we with another celebrity trademark battle, you know that these are our favourite (fun and educational, can you beat that?!).
Have you heard of this big trademark clash that happened a few years back between the King of Rock and Roll and famous Scottish brewery and pub chain, BrewDog?

It’s a very interesting one indeed.

If you’re an avid IPA drinker, you might have heard of a certain BrewDog speciality aptly named ‘Elvis Juice’

In 2016, Authentic Brands Group (ABG), who essentially own Elvis Presley’s ‘rights’ (including his name), entered into a bit of a dispute with BrewDog owners because of the above named beer.

BrewDog wanted to trademark ‘BrewDog Elvis Juice’ and ‘Elvis Juice’, in the UK, ABG refused and wrote to the founders instructing them not to use it

In retaliation, the two owners changed their first names to ‘Elvis’ by deed poll, with hopes it would convince the court it was named after them

Their tactic didn’t seem to work at first. In 2017, the UK IP Office ruled in favour of ABG

BUT…the decision was overturned in 2018 on appeal, because the name ‘Elvis’ wasn’t enough to make consumers think there was a link between the two. They were given permission to trademark ‘BrewDog Elvis Juice’

The drama doesn’t end there though! BrewDog have now attempted to trademark ‘Elvis Juice’ in the EU, which has been dismissed (even upon appeal).

Moral of the story? Think about how much money was spent on this costly court battle. Avoid it all by protecting your brand – get trademarking!

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