Did you know that Merry Christmas is trademarked?

Here’s a fun Christmas fact for you, did you know that ‘Merry Christmas’ is actually trademarked?!
With all the mass produced Christmas stuff we see every year, it’s pretty crazy to think about.
In fact, in the US there are actually four federally registered trademarks for ‘Merry Christmas’:
1. For wine, we know that’s flowing around Christmas time
2. For ‘Christmas tree ornaments and decorations’ (of course)
3. For cigar and cigarette boxes
4. For Bibs not of cloth or paper, caps, Jerseys, swaddling clothes (the list is longer with this one, but you get the gist)
So how do SO many get away with using this trademarked phrase? Think about how many brands their are that sell products with ‘Merry Christmas’ on them.
Don’t panic if this is you, you aren’t going to get in trouble. You can still use ‘Merry Christmas’ in your goods to wish someone a happy holiday. This is because it is used with a common sentiment during Christmas, not on an individual business.
So although it’s trademarked, infringement of Merry Christmas wouldn’t really stand (it’s far too widespread and common).
The more you know!
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