MythBusters: Let’s debunk some brand protection myths

The legal world is full to the brim of misconceptions and myths that can be incredibly damaging for you and your business. Think about it this way, if you believe A but the truth is B, this could lead to a whole bunch of issues down the line.
Here at Jamieson Law, we’re here to be your legal MythBusters, busting those legal misconceptions and telling you the truth, so you don’t have to leave your business open to legal risk.
In this ‘episode’ of legal MythBusters, we’re giving you the lowdown on some brand protection tales.
Myth 1:
Purchasing your businesses domain name protects you said business name.
Answer – This is false. Buying your domain does what it says on the tin…you now own that domain name. This doesn’t stop anyone else from using that name/trading with that name if you haven’t trademarked it we’re afraid.
Myth 2:
Registering at companies house protects your business name.
Answer – Sorry, it doesn’t. Yes, it’s registered, but just like we said above, this can’t stop anyone from being a major business copycat.
Myth 3:
Your business is ‘too small’ to for it to be necessary to trademark.
Answer – This is a VERY damaging myth. In fact, smaller businesses could be more susceptible to the hands of intellectual property thieve. If it can happen to big brands with millions of bucks to spare in legal fees, it can happen to anyone.
Moral of the story? There really isn’t much of a brand protection loophole, there’s one answer to your business name / logo / slogan protection needs and that’s trademarking. Trademarking trumps everything when it comes to brand protection, if you want to build a strong and lasting brand you need to consider doing this.
If you’d like to take that all important step towards protecting that amazing brand of yours, get in touch! We’re your brand protection experts, here to make trademarking simple and straightforward.
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