MythBusters – let’s debunk some brand protection myths

Q) Buying your domain name protects you?🤔
A) Nope. All buying your domain name does is exactly that…you now own that domain name. This doesn’t stop anyone else from using that name/trading with that name if you haven’t trademarked it I’m afraid🤷‍♀️
Q) Registering your name at companies house protects you surely?🙌🏻
A) Sorry, it doesn’t. Yes, it’s registered, but just like I said above, this can’t stop anyone from being a major copycat🐱
Q) Your business is too small to trademark your name?🤏🏻
A) Nah, most definitely not. In fact, smaller businesses could be more susceptible to the hands of IP thieves…if it can happen to big brands with millions of bucks to spare in legal fees, it can happen to anyone
Honestly, there really is no brand protection loophole…when it comes to protecting your brand name, logo or slogan, trademarking is your best bet
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