Establishing in Ireland due to Brexit. What are our thoughts and findings?

As I’m sure most of you have seen in the news over the past week, it seems the government are urging us to set up in the EU…
Confusion and worries aside, let’s talk about setting up in Ireland. Here are some points:
Ireland (in comparison to the UK) is more efficient in terms of corporation tax rates
The process is slightly more complex and slower than in the UK. However, you have unrestricted access to the EU marketplace, which gives you more certainty during these times…once incorporated, the running subsidiary would be similar to that of an English company
An Irish company must have a resident director – if you don’t have an individual resident in Ireland that you are comfortable being a director, it might not be possibly to establish there
What about tax? Irish corporation tax is 12.5%, much lower than most other EU countries
If your subsidiary is based in Ireland and sells services into the U.K., Irish VAT wouldn’t be chargeable, but likely U.K. VAT will be charged
The all in all? Ireland is a great option for EU access👍🏻
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