The triplets of intellectual property

If you want to grow and scale your business, you’ll want to know the basics of intellectual property.
Building a bullet-proof brand is super important, it all comes down to protecting your IP.
Growing a business without robust protection is incredibly risky, and to be honest, it just isn’t worth it.
What’s the difference between each?
1) Copyright protection = protecting the work you create i.e. something you write, videos, software coding etc.
  • In the UK, copyright protection exists as soon as you create a piece of copyright-able work
  • Different in the US, where there is a register
  • There is a catch – it’s your responsibility to ‘tell the world’, to make sure you’re fully protected
  • This mostly comes down to your contracts, website&disclaimers. Make sure you have the right wording
  • You don’t want to accidentally transfer ownership/let others use it when you don’t want them to
  • Important to have NDAs in place if needed

2) Trademark protection = to protect your branding, i.e. your business/brand name, product name, slogan or logo/brand images

  • Register in certain places, like the UK, US or EU
  • Unlike copyright, you need to register your trademark
  • The trademarking process (wherever you register) will take a few months, so start ASAP
  • You ‘ll want to do this before growing&scaling your business
  • If you don’t, you’re open to risk – accidentally infringing (copying) someone else’s mark, or someone ‘stealing’ your brand
  • Benefits – ownership of your marks, protection from copycats, recourse if someone copies you, reputation building, brand recognition, saves money in the long run

3) Patent protection = there to essentially protect your inventions

  • Rare to come by
  • Need to meet certain criteria to be granted a patent
  • Expensive&difficult to obtain
  • Very lengthy process
  • Need a specialist lawyer to deal with them
  • A big commitment
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