Trademarking chat – the battle of the Kylie’s

Back with our wee trademarking battle series. On today’s agenda:
Kylie Minogue VS Kylie Jenner
I’m sure we all know at least one of the two. They came head to head in a pretty big TM battle a few years back now, in 2015
It all started when Kylie Jenner, big Kardashian family member, tried to register the mark ‘KYLIE’ in the US for advertising and endorsement purposes
Obviously that didn’t sit well with Kylie Minogue, whose team clapped back with an opposition, stating it would cause confusion and damage Minogue’s branding…
They argued she already had Kylie-related trademarks in the US
It turned a bit sour when the team cited Minogue as being an ‘internationally renowned performing artist’, and Jenner as a ‘secondary reality TV personality’
So, who won?
Surprisingly enough, Minogue’s team actually ended up withdrawing their opposition, meaning Jenner could go ahead with her registration
Seems like they both may have agreed to a settlement
What other famous cases would you like to hear about?
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